About us


OLD HEMP PHARMACY is the first specialized CBD store on the Slovenian coast, going back in history for the best that nature has to offer, in order to contribute to a better future and help others along the way.


We wanted to make cannabis products easily accessible because we believe in the positive power of cannabis and its beneficial effects. Our mission is to raise awareness and share useful information and attractions about cannabis and to help people lead a healthier lifestyle. We want to help create a community that looks after its health and delivers a positive experience using cannabis products. The result is a one-stop-shop that combines a broad range of CBD and cannabis-based foods that are proven, reliable and of high quality.


Our vision is to support local, natural, animal test-free products as a result of the hard work of industrial cannabis experts. With your help we want to break the taboos associated with the usage of cannabis and contribute to a better quality of life and well-being in our area.