99,5% CBD crystals 1g

99,5% CBD crystals 1g



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99,5% CBD crystals are cannabinoids (CBD) in the purest form, gained from a certified, organically raised industrial hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.). It is completely natural without synthetical additives with natural terpenes in hemp (0,5%).

They can be used in multiple ways:


Evaporating is one of the most effective ways for using CBD crystals. You need 200mg of CBD crystals for 10ml of E-Liquid. In a tincture, mix 7ml of propilenglicol and 7 ml of plant glycerin. Then heat the mixture in a water bath to around 60 °C. When the temperature is reached, add 200 mg of crystals and stir well, so that the crystals are completely dissolved in the water. Fast and effective way of indulgence of CBD crystals.


Making of oil tinctures is one of the most economically and one of the most favorite ways of CBD crystals indulgence.
The preparation itself is very simple, and by that you also achieve the desired concentration. For basics results use olive, hemp or coconut oil. For a standard potency (10%) simply mix 1 gram of CBD crystals with 10 ml of chosen oil. Then seal the tincture and then immerse it in a water bath with around 50-60 °C for 10 minutes at most – this is the easiest way for crystals to dissolve in oil.


We melt the butter to which we add a desired quantity of CBD crystals. We then use the butter in various food preparations.

Origin: Slovenia

Net quantity: 1g


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