BIO Hemp tea in filter bags


BIO Hemp tea in filter bags

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Now in a more practical packaging, which eases consumption and relaxation with a good cup of tea.

BIO hemp tea made out of industrial hemp flowers has a faint and pleasant taste. The tea doesn’t contain any caffeine, narcotics or any other psychoactive substances, therefore the consumption of the tea doesn’t cause intoxication, and it works completely differently on the organism. Our hemp flowers are grown in Slovenia, without usage of pesticides and herbicides.


-100 % dried hemp flowers (Cannabis sativa L. var. sativa).

It contains around 3% naturally present CBD and CBDa.


Instructions for usage: Pour 2-3 dcl of how water over one teaspoon of CBD hemp tea, let it stand for 3-5 minutes, strain the tea and sweeten by choice. Always drink freshly prepared tea, up to three cups a day.

Cannabinoids are fatty molecules, dissolvable in non-polar solvents, thus we advise adding milk, a drop of hemp oil or any other fat to the tea.

After opening, the packaging should be closed well and stored in a cold and dry area.


Origin: Slovenia

Net quantity: 20g, 20 filter bags of 1g

Admonition; The product is not a compensation for healthy and balanced diet. It also isn’t a substitute for medication, prescribed by a personal doctor or a specialist.


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