BIO Hemp Whole Grain Flour 1kg

BIO Hemp Whole Grain Flour 1kg


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About the product:

Slovenian 100% Hemp Flour OLD HEMP PHARMACY is perfect for baking and cooking.

The dish gives a nice aroma to the nuts. It is a great gluten-free alternative to wheat and corn flour. The flour is ground from hemp seeds and is an excellent complement to cooking. It is prepared by removing the hemp seed, grinding and sifting the seeds to remove any husks (hemp seed coat). Hemp seeds from which, in addition to proteins and flour, hemp is also produced, develop on the plant during a period of intense cannabis growth.

We usually add 20% hemp flour to the rest of the flour (wheat, rice or any other). Hemp flour can also be a tasty and healthy alternative to thickening soups or sauces.

Ingredients: 100 % hemp flour

Nutritional values ​​per 100 g:
– polyunsaturated fatty acids 24,8 g,
– omega 6 18 4 g,
– omega 3 6 4g,
– carbohydrates 34 g,
– protein 33 g,
– fiber 30 g,
– Vitamins and minerals 5.2 g.

NET quantity: 1000 g
Poreklo: Slovenia, ECO CERTIFICATE


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