Elixir after sunbathing

Elixir after sunbathing


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Refreshes and revitalizes sensitive skin after sunbathing and helps maintain a tan complexion. The natural formula of the elixir is enriched with a soothing combination of the finest hemp oil, grape seed oil, St. John’s wort extract and marigold extract and the fresh aroma of lemongrass.

It is designed with sensitive skin in mind, which has lost its flexibility, suppleness and softness due to exposure to sunlight. The ideal omega-fatty acid ratio supports the skin’s natural regeneration and enhances its self-protective role. The synergy of St. John’s wort extracts and marigold soothes the skin and supports it in the regeneration process. The dot on the i gives the product lemongrass oil, which refreshes and refreshes the skin while providing natural protection against mosquitoes.

The power of the best natural extracts works soothing and restorative; The skin’s elasticity and elasticity are improved, and the summer-tan complexion continues to accompany us well into the fall.

Purity of the formulation

The purest formulation of unique natural oils and extracts reduces the potential for skin irritation and adverse reactions. It is especially intended for dehydrated and sensitive skin, which is satisfied only by the best natural ingredients. No added fragrances, alcohol, parabens and other irritant ingredients.


-cold pressed hemp oil,

-Natural extract of St. John’s wort, marigold and lemongrass oil.

Aromacert certified.

Elixir’s rich formula refreshes and revitalizes sensitive skin after sunbathing and helps maintain a tan complexion. The formula with the best natural ingredients soothes and protects irritated, reddened and sensitive skin, which has lost moisture, suppleness and softness. It balances the skin, nourishes it and gives it freshness.


Massage gently on cleansed skin. For best effect, massage the oil into the skin immediately after a shower or bath, when the pores are open and ready to receive all the nourishing ingredients. Due to the content of St. John’s wort, avoid heavy sunshine after application.

The elixir can also be used for daily dry skin care of the body. The silky soft texture of the oil is absorbed quickly and gives the dried and delicate skin its flexibility and softness.

Store in a dark and dry place at room temperature.

POMEMBNO: Izdelek ne vsebuje UV zaščite.


Tip #1: The exfoliation of the skin provides an even tan and glowing complexion

Exfoliation is an easy procedure that helps us accelerate the skin renewal cycle. Old cells that have already served their role can thus be removed and their place replaced by younger, more vital successors. After exfoliation, the skin is soft and bloody, ensuring a youthful and evenly complexion.

Tip #2: Freshness of lemongrass for mosquito protection

The elixir is enriched with lemongrass essential oil, which, in addition to its exceptional freshness, also provides natural protection against mosquitoes.

Tip #3: Suitable for the whole family

The elixir is made from the finest natural ingredients and therefore suitable for the care of even the most sensitive skin of infants and children.

Origin: Slovenia


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