High-quality hemp wine

High-quality hemp wine



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The first Slovenian hemp wine

The premium NOIZ hemp wine is a novelty on the Slovenian market. For an exclusive wine experience, we have selected three excellent Slovenian varieties that complement each other perfectly in the wine symphony. With careful maturation over many years, the wine creates the perfect backdrop for the pronounced aromaticity that develops only through the slow and cold maceration of Slovenian industrial hemp. Hemp in wine awakens the most sophisticated nuances that will convince even the greatest connoisseurs and lovers of classic wine flavors.
Hemp wine has a fresh and inspiring taste, typical of dry wines. For best tasting, it is recommended to serve from 14 to 16 ° C.

The elixir of life

The harmonious combination of red wine and hemp will pamper you with its stunning taste. Hemp wine is rich in natural antioxidants found in both wine and hemp. Due to the content of phenols and cannabinoids, NOIZ wine acts as a true elixir of life.

100 % slovenian wine with hemp

NOIZ hemp wine is handmade in Slovenia from the highest quality Slovenian red wine and industrial hemp produced on Slovenian soil.
A flavored wine-based drink. Contains sulfite.


11,5 % vol.


0,75 l, dry

The Minister of Health warns: Excessive drinking is harmful to health!


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