Molds for making candles

Molds for making candles


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In each package of 1g or 2g candle molds, we have 25 sets of 12 molds, which is sufficient to produce 300 candles .

The package of 3g candle molds contains 22 sets of 12 molds, which is sufficient to produce 264 candles .

The candle making mold allows us to make candles easily. In our case of hemp candles, what are hemp candles?

Hemp suppositories are pointed or torpedo solid forms that are used rectally or vaginally. They are about 2.5 cm long and made of cocoa butter, which is mixed with hemp extract.

Why hemp candles?

Rectal or vaginal use of hemp has many benefits for patients (who for various reasons cannot use oral hemp). The effect is visible quickly, they work for a long time, and the efficiency is greater and higher/more efficient.

Absorbcija CBD
Demonstration of the rate and efficiency of absorption and the time of action in the body in the various uses of CBD
Did you know?

The yield of rectal hemp use is 50-70%, and is more predictable in terms of dose.

For comparison; The oral hemp consumption rate is approximately 20%, and in the case of inhalation this figure is 10-25% (depending on quantity and frequency).

Why make hemp candles yourself?

Homemade production of hemp candles is strongly recommended, as this allows us to self-administer the exact amount of hemp that is introduced into the body.

What size of candle mold do I need?

Usually, adults use 2g or 3g candles, and children use 1g candles . Also, adults can start with 1g candles as a starting dose.

Most used are 2g candles.

Production of hemp candles

Some recipes suggest coconut oil, but it can trigger diarrhea, so we suggest using cocoa butter.


Cocoa butter – not oil (should not be liquid at room temperature)!

  • Button-shaped cocoa butter (small round coin-shaped pieces) is recommended for easier dosing (no need to cut cocoa butter in a piece)
  • Hemp extract (CBD drops, CBD paste, …)

What else we need:

  • Kitchen scale
  • Waxed / parchment or baking paper
  • Dropper, syringe or injection for injection into a candle mold
  • Water bath cookware
  • Spark Plug

Tips before making

  • Before buying hemp extract, ask us which extract is right for you;
  • Select hemp extract that has laboratory tests.
  • this is the only way to properly adjust the appropriate dose;
  • Make a note of the recipe as this will only allow you to repeat the production of the same or. Optional different candles;
  • The amount of candles produced will depend on the size of the candle mold;
  • If you find candles with hemp drops too thin, use hemp paste.
Example of calculating spark plug quantity and power

Caution: You must also consider the added amount of hemp extract. Depending on the extract used (CBD hemp droplets 12 ml u003d 11.04g)

The calculations for 60 spark plugs (as many molds in one package) are approximate and depend on the power of the spark plugs you want to make.

  • 60 x 1 g candle mold
    • 55g of cocoa butter,
    • 5 g of hemp extract
      • full injection of 5 g hemp paste
      • half a bottle of CBD hemp droplets 12 ml
  • 60 x 2 g candle mold
    • 110 g of cocoa butter,
    • 10 g of hemp extract
      • 2x whole injection of 5 g hemp paste
      • bottle of CBD hemp droplets 12 ml
  • 60 x 3 g candle mold
    • 165 g of cocoa butter,
    • 15 g of hemp extract
      • 3x full injection of 5 g hemp paste
      • bottle and half CBD hemp droplets 12 ml

Process and production of hemp candles

  • Put cocoa butter in a pot on a steam bath;
  • Melt the cocoa butter slowly by stirring slowly over low heat. Be careful, it must not boil;
  • Add hemp extract to the liquid butter;
  • Mix the butter and hemp extract well;
  • Remove from heat source (from cooker or cooker) and transfer to a smaller pan if necessary;
  • Wait 5 minutes and fill the dropper or injection with liquid;
  • Fill the candle molds with the mixture made. Use a stand to fill the molds;
  • Put full candle molds in the freezer;
  • In 1 hour the candles are ready for proper storage and use;
  • Remove the spark plugs from the molds and wrap them with wax / parchment or baking paper;
  • Store the spark plugs properly.

Storage of hemp candles

  • Keep candles protected with wax / parchment or baking paper until use;
  • Store them in a plastic container safe for cooling and freezing;
  • It is recommended to keep them in a cool place (refrigerator or freezer) to keep them in shape.

Tips and instructions for use

  • The candles melt relatively quickly in warm hands;
  • If you need help inserting, use a suitable applicator or a very wide straw;
  • Write a diary to monitor your wellbeing and submit it to your doctor as needed;
  • Make sure the spark plug is solid before inserting (if not, place it back in the cold);
  • Wash your hands thoroughly and make sure your nails are trimmed;
  • Gloves are recommended;

Spark Plug Procedure

  • Lie on your side and pull your upper leg knee against your chest. Use the cursor to insert the candle into the recess with the pointing forward;
  • Insert the plug rectally approximately 1.5cm deep (deeper than the closure muscle);
  • After inserting the spark plug, stay in the supine position on the side for at least a few minutes (10-15min). When you feel that the spark plug is no longer possible, stand up and wash your hands thoroughly.
  • To prevent the plugs from sliding out, hold your buttocks together and squeeze your latch tightly for a few seconds.

What can you expect from a hemp candle?

You will probably feel the heat, the body can overwhelm the relaxing sensation from the pelvis onwards. With rectal hemp dosing, the effect is known after 10 to 15 minutes and lasts for 4 to 8 hours .

Where to after using the mold?

Due to the shape of the spark plugs, the candle mold is intended for single use only. After using the mold (when making the candles), throw it in the trash during plastic packaging.

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1g (300 molds), 2g (300 molds), 3g (264 molds)


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