Patron EOS resin doser 5ml

Patron EOS resin doser 5ml


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Doser for resin, extracts, wax, oils, paste…

Forget about basic syringes for dosing natural extracts, oils, wax, paste or resin. Resin doser Patron EOS is currently the newest and advanced dosing system for hemp products on the market. The dosing system Patron was designed especially for dosing resources of various sizes. It’s best properties are:

  • precise dosing with accuracy of 0.01 ml and dosing scae,
  • special nozzle for precise dosing,
  • cap for the nozzle, that prevents spillage,
  • relief scale which stays there after cleaning,
  • made out of safe materials, appropriate for contact with foodstuffs and resistant to solvents.


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