Stimunational CBD vaginal serum “XES Sensual”

Stimunational CBD vaginal serum “XES Sensual”


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XES Sensual stimulational CBD vaginal serum supplements neurochemical functionality of cannabinoids and human endocannabinoid system (ECS) and is a first sexual stimulational accessory for encouragement of sexual delight based on cannabinoids.

Serum, based on unique formulation cannabinoids and botanic extracts without genetically modified organisms, relaxes and eases infections, helps encourage orgasms and satisfaction, especially with women that have hypersensitive anatomy of clitoris and vagina.

Guideline for dosing per session:
Solo 1-2 doses
Couple: 2-4 doses

Net quantity: approximately 35 doses. (one dose is equal to 0.23 mcl per dropper)


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